Mr. and Mrs. mugs

Since I’ve started lettering, I’ve always thought it would be neat to design a hand-lettered mug. I knew I wanted to start small and focus on a few words. That’s why I choose to make Mr. and Mrs. mugs. This project gave me a chance to concentrate on a couple of letterforms and offer a great gift for any married couple.

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Learning to Hand Letter

Since the start of the year, I had an itch to learn hand lettering. I’ve always admired the charm lettering brings to an illustration and I thought it would be fun to introduce some techniques to future projects.

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Super Baby New Year

The new year has arrived and it’s going to be awesome. I already feel like I have a jump-start to a year filled with illustrative work. I have a bunch of projects planned and I’m excited to start on working on them. I’m looking forward to a year of exploring and learning.

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Teddy Bear Launcher

Teddy bears have to be delivered in the most efficient way possible — launched out of an elf canon. Don’t worry, the bear will inflate with fluff and grow three times their size before ever hitting the ground.

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Christmas Selfies

Christmas came early this year for Mr. Snowman. To his surprise, Santa was gracious enough to give him the hottest mobile phone of the season! And to celebrate, Mr.Snowman shared his first selfie with his BFF, Rudolph.

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Santa Upgraded

The elves are working hard to get Santa’s super suit ready for the big night. The suit’s technology will enable Santa to fly to every home — delivering presents sans-reindeer.

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I created this blog as a way to dedicate and enhance my craft in the art of drawing, illustrating and character design. I plan to post an illustration every week and share what I learn along the way.

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